How to select the right VA

22 January 2018

Considering the important role a Virtual Assistant plays, it’s crucial to select wisely when hiring. Your choice in Virtual Assistant is the most important decision…

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What is a VA?

22 January 2018

I'm sure most of you are wondering what is a Virtual Assistant (VA), you may have a rough idea or this might be totally new to you.

I'm going to attempt to…

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Be Brave and Take the Jump!

13 February 2017

After spending the majority of January coming up with a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t apply for an award and spending a lot of time talking myself out of applying, I was eventually coaxed and encouraged to apply for the UK Best Newcomer Award 2017 by another VA and my Business Coach.... Read more

Is this common trait causing damage to your business?

18 January 2017

Winning clients is the easy part, it’s retaining them that’s the hard part especially when this one trait can cause so much reputational damage to you and/or your business.... Read more

New Year, New Resolution, New You?

5 January 2017

Being 5 days into 2017, the New Year is well under way. Have you made your resolutions? Have they been made and broken in record time?... Read more

My 6 Month Journey

16 December 2016

Today I have taken the time to look back at my journey, and to reflect what I have achieved over the last 6 months and 10 days.... Read more

The Benefits of Outsourcing

3 November 2016

Outsourcing is beneficial for any company, whether it’s a small start-up or a large corporation.... Read more

Are you running your own business or is your business running you?!

29 September 2016

When you set out in business you have the wonderful idea that it will be great because you can use your skill to do what you love doing, you can earn more than you could in employment, you will be your own boss, nobody will dictate to you and tell you what to do, you can have flexible working and if you want to slope off early on a Friday then you can.... Read more

Save Time with Audio Transcription

10 September 2016

I’m often asked how audio transcription works so I thought it would be useful to write a blog on how this service can add value to your business and give you the professional edge.... Read more

5 Top Tips to Working with a Virtual Assistant

10 September 2016

Whilst the thought of having a VA is a great idea in principal, in practicality you might be unsure as to whether a VA suits your business needs and more importantly if a VA is capable of handling some of those important tasks.... Read more